- Team Losi JRXS Type R - Ed Clark - Aldershot - BRCA National - 24.07.2010 -

This was the setup from when the car felt best on new boots, and the main differences it seems over most the other setups around are;

Rear arms forward, increases forward traction due to driveshaft angle, but does give a little more underster as the weight moves back in the car... so to counter this...
1mm under the outer rear camber ball joint.. two things, raise rear roll centre a little, and increases the camber gain.. both of which really helped to free up the rear end mid to exit on power. Was a noticeable improvement on the longer inner sweeper turn, had struggled all the way through testing to get the car to rotate enough there, but it had always suffered on power. This change helped to get the rotation into the car, IMO.

Otherwise, pretty standard fare. I was pretty happy with the shock setup, initially did go with red pistons and 35wt, and that was good over the ripples and bumps in the big sweeper, but still wasn't quite moving enough round the rest of the track, so dropped to the orange/50wt combo. Sealed top and nothing above the bladder were deffiently the call to best deal with the bumps/ripples in the sweeper though.

My setup was a little different to the rest of the guys, they were all running 40wt, 0.5mm extra on the wheel hexes, and 41t pulleys... I personally don't like the feel of the 41t.

One other thing we all played with as well, was trying out 12.5lb springs all round, and a 0.05 f and 0.04 r bar... this gave a bit more steering on older boots, but was very nervous on new... I preferred the attached setup for new boots.