- Kyosho TF6 - Matthijs Jansen - MACH - MIC Rd1 - 23.10 2011 -

Raising the front camber links to 3.0 instead of 2.5 will make the car more stable throughout a corner. With the current setting the rear is higher then the front, that makes the car kinda "dive" in corners.

You can also try running C ( RF ) and E ( RR ) to widen up the rear a bit, this will also improve the rear traction/stability of the car.

A very small but important detail: Make sure your front belt is set a little bit tighter then your rear belt. This way the front of the car will start accelerating first out of the corner before the rear end kicks in.. Will also provide more stability on power.

As for springs, I run HPI springs for 90% of the occasions. Mostly pink-silver or gold-silver. When running Tamiya springs I use white/blue.

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