- Kyosho TF6 - Matthijs Jansen - MACH - 16.10 2011 -

What are the advantages of a gear diff vs a ball diff? What are considered the "right" choice of diffs for a small technical, carpeted indoor track? Gears front and rear, balls front and rear or maybe a combo? What kind of tracks are the solid front axle meant for?
I run the gear diff in front and rear. A geardiff in the rear gives you less slip and les maintenance and more tuning options (oil between 700 and 2000). In the front I run the spool (solid axle) and lately the gear diff with 500.000 oil in it. Acts like a spool but with a very little slip to protect you driveshafts and some extra turn in.

For a tight indoor on carpet I would choose between:
- rear: balldiff and front: spool
- rear: geardiff and front: spool
- rear: geardiff (800 oil) and front: geardiff (500.000 oil)

Haven't tested al those options on carpet yet, I started with the geardiffs in rear and front and really liked it so far.

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