- Kyosho TF6SP - Vasco Christicone - Apeldoorn - 01-03.07.2012 -

PDF File

A few notes:
- I run the original TF6 arms on my car (shorter ones), please take note of the suspension holders fitting (do not use C-C inside like SP std setup)

- I used the old TF6 upper deck (2.25mm) with the rear carbon link removed for better flex on the rear-end of the car

- At the ETS I ran very little rear toe-in, this requires a smooth(er) driving style to make it work and increases corner speed. When having problems with rear traction just add more toe-in.

- At Apeldoorn I used HPI pink-silver springs, this is a specific setting for that track as the chicane after the straight has rather extreme camber change and 'holes' in the asphalt that your car gets 'sucked' into if you hit the apex right. For regular tracks I use HPI silver-silver for 90% of the times.

- The long front camber links are a Apeldoorn special as well because of its flowing/big layout. On shorter more twisty tracks it could help to run them in the middle hole on the upper bulkhead instead of the longest option to get quicker change of direction.

- On the sheet you'll notice there's no spacer underneath the front-front suspension mount and 0.5mm underneath the front-rear suspension mount. This is again an Apeldoorn setting, most of the time I use 0.5mm underneath the front-front block too.

This setup should work pretty much everywhere (asphalt), it's what I use 90% of the time.