- Kyosho TF5 Stallion Shin - Fabien Simonini - Guide Lines -



camber 1.5
neutral toe
short camber link, 3.5mm under turnbuckle
inverted king pin
0mm under blocks
out-D, out-B (1 degree in board toe out)
1mm behind front wishbone, 2mm in front,
ackermann forward-C, 1,5mm under the ball nuts on bellcrank side, inverted ball nuts on the knuckle side, rear hole on the knuckle,
standard shock position,
HPI blue springs (hot weather) or tamiya yellow (cool weather), 45W oil on std pistons


camber 1.5, 3.5mm under turnbuckles bulkhead side, standard holes,
Rear toe: 2 degrees (top of my head I have C-C in the car, needs checking),
wheelbase as standard,
same spring as front, 35W oil same piston,
1mm under toe blocks f/r

This is a 5-cell mod setup but I suspect it will work for 6-cell as well. Basically the idea is to drop the front roll centre as it's way too high as standard, get rid of the bump steer and excessive Ackerman as much as possible.

Also do not be surprised by the soft springs settings, the wheel rates on this car are way higher than on any other cars on the market, so do not hesitate to use your softest springs. I NEVER use Tamiya yellow ever but on this car they seem to work, I'd planned on trying the reds but it was a bit warm for that last time out.