Kyosho TF-5 Stallion Shin

Reinforced and re-invigorated to be the world’s “number one”.
SHIN version packed with Shinosuke Adachi modifications.

The spectacular performance of the ultimate belt-driven 4WD touring machine “TF-5 STALLION” has been taken to the next level with mods by Japan’s Kyosho works driver Shinosuke Adachi. Focusing not just on rigidity, but also thinking of the whole chassis as a springboard, silky smooth speed has been achieved. The result is quick yet easily controlled response, always using grip to maximum effect. The wide variety of setting parts can produce subtle posture settings for optimal performance. Even with high-powered modified motors, the mild control characteristics of the belt drive keep the chassis under good management. If you are dedicated to victory, the “TF-5 STALLION SHIN” is the one for you.

With the narrow chassis considered as a springboard, the optimal rigidity produces a smoother running chassis.


To produce the ideal degree of chassis roll, the height of the front and rear diff units can be adjusted in three steps of 1mm.


Newly designed front and rear upper decks realizes optimal chassis roll.


New shape steering wiper realizes optimum ackerman.


Short span rear suspension delivers improved line tracing performance.


Concentration of mass has been pushed further forward and combined with the optimal center of gravity to realize excellent chassis movement.

  • Two belt drive 4WD efficiently manages power into traction and changes in torque.
  • The benefits of belt drive realized through control of counter-torque and distribution of drive power.
  • Ideal positioning of diff balls from the center of the shaft produces ideal differential effect and drive power.
  • Ball differential can be adjusted without removing any parts for a big advantage in the heat of racing battle.
  • Full ball bearing specifications include a total of 14 ball bearings.
  • Optimal shape and size of front and rear bulkheads optimizes synergy of chassis components.
  • Design produces optimal drive characteristics and suspension geometry with rubber tires.
  • Tread width can be adjust in 9 steps of 0.75mm.
  • Front differential provides choice of either one-way or spool (rigid) type.
  • Red anodized color scheme delivers performance as well as a style statement.
  • Equipped with rear aluminum ball differential.
  • Rear ball differential can also be fitted to front as an option for front and rear differentials.
  • Includes many existing optional parts as standard features.


  • R/C System / 2-channel, 1-servo, 1-amp
  • Tires (24mm width)
  • Tire Inner Foam Supports
  • Body
  • 7.2V sub-C loose battery cells
  • Motor / 540-class motor
  • Pinion Gear (64 pitch)

Chassis Technical Data

Length 360mm
Width F186mm/R185mm
Height 75mm
Ground Clearance 5mm
Wheelbase 255262mm
Tread (F/R) 162/161mm
Tire(F/R) Φ 64×25mm (sold separately)
Weight 1,470g (approx.)
Motor 540-class motor (sold separately)
Battery 7.2V Battery (sold separately)
R/C System 2-channel, 1-servo, 1-amp (sold separately)