TF-5 Shaft Drive & TF-5 Belt Drive "Stallion"

A new spark sets the world of EP touring cars on fire! Become the master of both shaft and belt-driven machines.

The cutting edge of R/C technology has been redefined with the new TF-5 Series EP touring car chassis. The shaft-driven “TF-5” and the belt-driven “TF-5 Stallion”, are the two machines set to change the racing scene around the world. The highly efficient chassis design maintains its balance with traction change as well as exquisitely managing the movement of the center of gravity and counter-torque to realize a purebred racing machine. Furthermore, user-friendly maintenance and setting options complete the package. These are just a few of the many features of the TF-5 that make it the force to be reckoned with.

Shared Features:
  • Design optimizes drive characteristics and suspension geometry.

  • Equipped with new-type oil shocks as standard.

  • Front and rear lower suspension arms and pivot can be offset at nine 0.75mm steps.

  • All four lower suspension holders are interchangeable.

  • A choice of either a one-way or a spool (rigid) to be used on the front diff.

  • Aluminum parts finished in the TF-5’s signature anodized red color.

  • Rear transmission features ball differential.

  • Racing feature-packed with stabilizers on front and rear as well as universal swing shafts on all four wheels. 

Shaft-Drive Features:
  • Touring car chassis designed around the core components of the Lazer ZX-5.

  •  Extracts the best control characteristics of shaft-drive with the power both on and off - particularly good with a stock motor.

  • Battery mount allows battery position to be adjusted by 3mm.

  • Increased reliability of sealed diff and transmission is ideal for parking lot racing.

  • Full ball bearing specifications with 17 ball bearings included.

Belt-Drive/Stallion Features;
  • Chassis makes optimal use of belt-drive’s counter-torque control, transfer of drive power and mass balance.

  • Equalization of chassis roll characteristics with single wiper used for steering linkage etc.

  • Bolt positions for attaching components to main chassis are symmetrically arranged. Chassis design optimizes counter-torque when loads are applied from the motor.

  • Benefits of easily adjusted ball diff without removing parts can be appreciated most in the heat of race battle.

  • Includes a full set of 14 precision ball bearings.







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