- Team CRC Generation X-10 - Bill - Carpet Setup - Nov 2008 -



Red springs
5 deg caster block
1 shim in front of upper arms
Standard pivot ball
Inline axles (need to try other setting too)
Middle wheelbase
Middle width
3 shims on each stub axle
1.0 camber
Using inner holes of steering arm extension
Using inner holes of mid-sized servo saver
Jaco purple tires (start at 56mm)
Height 4mm


Losi shock w/30 oil and spring that came with kit
Shimmed up rear of shock at ball end 1 mm (will test going higher)
SMC 5000 lipo battery with new top wiring (modified top deck for clearance)
Optional Losi JRX-S stainless steel tray (testing; but, may be too heavy)
Sphere ESC and Spektrum 3500 receiver mounted on left side
Height 4.5mm


30000 in side tubes
Red side springs w/minimal preload
17.5 Orion motor (replaced 13.5 "wowie" motor)
Rollout to be determined...
Jaco pink tires (start at 58mm)
Height 4mm

Added required weight to right side of chassis to balance and make minimum

Protoform Alfa Romeo Sophia GT (cut on body lines). Changed to ManuTech kevlar bumper plate with CRC foam bumper. Planning on replacing all CRC red aluminum screws with RC Screwz stainless steel set.

May add things I missed later? Comments and suggestions gleefully accepted.

Setup worked with 13.5 motor. Now I need to tune for the 17.5. Headed to NorCal Hobbies for Thursday night carpet racing tomorrow.