- Team CRC Team Red Carpet Knife 3.2 R - Todd Hodge - Snowbirds - 02-2006 -


Front tire: JACO DS - 42 mm
Front spring: CRC 020 "(
ドロープ of approx 1mm)
Damper ring: Applying CRC White Tube Lube to the king pin
Caster block: Aluminum make 10 degrees of CRC corporation option (#4266)
Camber: ? 1 time
Height: 3.5mm
Tire Treatment: It applies inside 3/4


Height: 3.5mm
Center shock: CRC Red Dura-Shock, oil 30wt, kit standard spring
Preload of spring: Way in completeness state the chassis lower pod becomes in parallel,

Rear tire: JACO DS rears - 45 mm
Damper tube: CRC white lube application
Roll center -: CRC low roll center kit
Height: 3.5mm
Tire Treatment: Application of the whole surface
Side spring: White
Motor: Orion 10x2
Battery: IB3800
Spur: 100T
Pinion: 30T


Using the ABP chassis of CRC. It loads the battery anterior

CRC デルリンアッパーアーム (the #4277), similarly デルリン make ST block (the #4275) use

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