- CRC Carpet Knife -

- 1/12 European Championship -

- Swifterbant - 8/04/2005 -

Team CRC Europe

Camber: 1.2 degrees
Caster: 6 degrees
Caster block: 10 degrees
F spring: 0.5mm
Super hard (blue cap of the CRC tube lube was painted in the king pin)
Servo flat putting loading
Shim added to the front axle, tread was expanded
Side spring: White
Friction grease: hard CRC
Center spring: Kappa
Shock oil: 45th
F spring: 1mm rear
Under anterior HEX ball shim of thick add (4WS conversion)
Height: 4.5mm
Front tire: Black 47mm
Rear tire: Pink 42.5mm

Body: ?


Source : Kimihiko Yano (hosted by PetitRC)