- CRC Carpet Knife -

- Team Densi Jidõsya -

- 2nd Qualify for Nationals Championship - Crest Speedway - 20/08/2006 -


Setup data of the day: best lap 9.774

3.2R chassis: survey2.5mm

Front end
アソシ0.45mm Rebound0mm
Caster block: 5DEG
Camber - caster - toe: 1DEG/ front and back white shim each1/ 0DEG
Knuckle( normal + titanium axle 
King pin shim: on armon1 knuckleunder3 knuckle1
Height approximately3mm

Rear end
Damper oil spring: CRC DURAshock/
タミヤ &1000th/kappa
Damper length: mm
Anterior damper mount:
アソシ make
Rebound: mm, inside damper spring addition
Friction grease: #1000suitable 
Ride height adjuster: IRS2.5
Side link: 3 piece links
Side spring: opening approximately 0.5mm of lead-lead and lowerbrace
ピポッドボールOring: thoseof inside diameter 3mm installing
Height chassis side3mm

Additional informations:

Tire-diameter-wheel: Front: CRC magenta - 42mm - JACO white / Rear:
カワダLrubber hard or CRC pink - 43mm - JACO yellow
Tire traction medicine: HG and front1/2 paints
Body: perm speed 8

Battery count average discharge voltage: IB4200/ 529second/ 1.208V
Motor winding several brush spring: M/Tmotor8×2
Pinion/Spur: 21/88, Ratio: 32.2
Amplifier servo receiver:
フタバMC800Cver2/フタバS9650/ フタバ303FHS
Servo saber pyro ball type & pyro ball interval:
キンブロー/middle hole
Receiver power source: none
Car weight 859 g:
ポンダー included