- CRC Carpet Knife V3.2R -

- Kazuo Ishikawa -

- 7/08/2005 - Crest -



Tire Yokomo L (rubber) hard wide 42mm
Wheel Yokomo white
Traction compound: TQ G blue: 4/5 coating 10min

Spring CRC: 0.45mm
CRC block caster: 10 (aluminum)
Shim (intermediate state)
CRC nylon upper arm
Camber 1
King pin shim: 1. 2mm up and 1mm down
Toe: 0

Height adjustment spacer: 0mm

Chassis height: 3. 2mm freeboard suspension arm


Tire Yokomo L (rubber) 44mm
Wheel CRC
Grip medicine TQ - G blue: All it paints, 10 min

Damper CRC, oil: #600
Damper length: 68mm
Side spring: white
Roll damper oil CRC ???? (white cap)
Center pivot position ??????

Axle position: # 1 downward


Chassis height: 3. 2mm battery side, 3. 5mm axle

Other information:

Lower chassis 3.2 2. 1mm
F axle CRC nylon

Motor Yokomo ZERO can 9 TW winding
Motor brush: atlas
Gear spur 96, pinion 24

Battery professional match GP3700

Body perm SP8
There is no spoiler

Amplifier GM purple SX12WM
Servo ??? S9650
Using the remark strut bar the 2mm thick ????? material
Servo position from normal 8mm rear
Both outside inside pyro ball of roll damper installation section the shim of 2mm



Source : Kimihiko Yano