- CRC Carpet Knife V3.2R -

- Kazuo Ishikawa -

- 11/09/2005 - Yatabe Arena -



Tire: Yokomo LM 43mm
Wheel: Yokomo
Traction compound: TQ - Half - 20 minutes
Spring: CRC 0.5mm
Shim: 0. 5mm
Caster: 10 variable (aluminum)
Camber: 0
F axle CRC nylon
Height adjustment spacer: 1.5mm
Height: 3.2mm freeboard F suspension arm
Toe: 0 degree
King pin shim: 1. 2mm up and 1mm down


Tire: JACO aqua 47mm
Wheel: Yokomo
Traction compound: TQ - All - 20 minutes
Shock oil: #600
Damper length: 68mm
Roll dumper oil: CRC heavy (white cap)
R axle # 3 downward look
Side spring: white
Center pivot position (= CRC low roll center kit?)
Height: 3.2mm battery side,  3.5mm rear axles


Lower chassis 3.2: 2.1mm

Approximately shim (intermediate state)
You use from servo horn (??) hole grain side

Motor: Orion V2
Motor brush: normal
Spur: 97 - Pinion: 26
Battery: LRP 3800
Body perm SP8
Spoiler blade tip board: 10mm

Amplifier GM purple SX12WM
Servo: S9650
Using the remark strut bar the 2mm thick material

Both outside inside pyro ball of roll damper installation section the shim of 2mm



Source : Kimihiko Yano