- Team CRC Carpet Knife - Team CRC Japan - Ehime - 19-20/03/2006 -


Front tire: JACO purple 43mm
Front spring: [ CRC1395 ] 0.018 "(0.5mm)
King pin shim: On upper arm 3, lower 2 rebounds 0 mm
Caster block: 10 degrees
Camber: ? 1.5 degrees
Height: 2mm
Grip medicine: Carpet jack it applies inside 1/4
Other things:
[ CRC4287 ] Aluminum make front end brace
[ CRC4015 ] Aluminum make servo mount


Rear tire: JACO pink 43. 5mm
Damper tube: [ CRC4212 ] Blue application
Roll center -: Normal
Height: 2mm
Grip medicine: Application of the carpet jack whole surface
Side spring: Lead-lead
Height: 2mm

Center shock: CRC Dura-Shock and oil
アソシ 40 wt, spring lead-lead
Preload of spring: In order in completeness state for chassis and
ロアボット to become horizontal, you adjust.


Body: Perm speed 8 ライトウェイト


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