- CRC Carpet Knife J-Spec -

- Japanese championship -

- 2006/11/19 - Team CRC Japan -


Body: perm speed 8 (blade tip board addition)
The car weight: 846g
Chassis: Jspec chassis 2.25mm

Tire treatment: black can HG 40 minutes

F tire 1/2 coating R tire all it paints and (does not paint the shoulder part)

Tire: front CRC purple 42mm and rear CRC magenta 43mm
Wheel: front HR-38 and rear HR-38 
Gear ratio exponential: spur 94T and pinion 25T, exponential 37.35

Height: approximately front 3.1 and rear 2.9


Spring: 0.022

Camber and the caster, the toe: 1, the slide caliper to measure the tread of the shim and wheel front and back on front and back, front and back difference 1.0mm

Under 0.25mm king pin shim: spring and under 0.5mm knuckle, knack
King pin damper ring: #1000
On 1.0mm [ru] and on 1.5mm upper end
Rebound: 0

1 tower bar: aluminum make front end brace O rings
From servo mount: [asoshi] make original slant loading
Servo saber: [kinburomidoru], most arranging the pyro ball in the hole inside


Roll center (side link high): standard
Barely in state of side spring: CRC white 1G floating
Friction grease: #2000
Ride height adjuster: IRS 2.0

Center shock:CRC Dura-Shock
[shiyotsukuoiru] spring: #600 lead-lead
Rebound: 0.9mm
Rear tread: 169mm


Motor: Team Br00d checkpoint 82
Battery: DryHopIB4200VR-1W gold
No additional electricity:

Servo: 3401
Receiver: 203F

Deciding set (only above-mentioned set and modification place)

King pin damper ring: #300
Height: approximately front 2.5 and rear 2.5
Grip medicine: HG30 minute + [kopaton] 20 minute total 50 minute
Rebound: 1.1mm
Approximately foil: TRC
Rear tread: 167mm
ESC: MX PRO competition (program mode 5)