- CRC Carpet Knife J-Spec  -

- Ehme - Nov 3Rd 2006 -


J-Spec chassis

Tire: CRC purple 42mm
Spring: [WT3403T] Murdock R/C white (0.018 ")
Castor: 10 degrees
Camber: - 1.0 degrees
Height: 3.0mm
Tire treatment: half inside, black can
Other things:
[CRC4287] Aluminum make front end brace
[CRC4275] [derurin] make it starts shaving, the upper arm
[CRC4277B] [derurin] make it starts shaving, steering wheel block

Height: 3.0mm
[sentashiyotsuku]: CRC Dura-Shock
Spring = Tamiya #700 - CRC lead-lead

Tire: CRC pink 43mm
[danpachiyubu]: [CRC4214] Blue application
Height: 3.0mm
Tire treatment: Application of the black can whole surface
[saidosupuringu]: [CRC1296] White medium

In addition
Body: Perm speed 8
Motor = Team Br00d checkpoint 9×2 (J-Spec)
Bearing: kimihiko-yano.net original ball bearing
[supagia]: For Precision Racing System DD car


Race Report by Kimihiko Yano

Because Ehime prefecture of [wakusumenba] - from it received the report which time becomes 8th with, you publish here.

Team CRC Japan2006 - with report 8 [carpet knife]

That Team CRC Japan 2006 [wakusu] treatment '-' is.
Becoming rather slow, there is no excuse, but you report my myself race/lace contents concerning 1/12 all the Japanese championships which are held in October 27~29 day.

This time exactly (is also rumor of the excessiveness doing but) circumstances of work to be piled up, it was possible to enter into Kawaba village nearby Numata city where race/lace is held from one month ago.
That it is to think whether you can practice rather, but the fact that day of rain was many really, to race/lace weakly finding the interval of work, could practice is 5 days. Perhaps, even then more one, but because with the first asphalt 12 is with new course, when you think of that, when already we would like to practice a little, is truth.

This time as for the tire it is perfection fixing front CRC purple and rear CRC pink. Entering race/lace weak, to flow together with only the team member, the information that CRC [mazenda] is good, is to have received, but because I myself had obtained the feeling which is good even with pink, being able to meet, it did not modify. But because either one time it did not continue to try, it tries trying, it should, when was, now you have regretted.

The chassis is the Jspec chassis. This chassis shook down on the 25th immediately before all the Japan, but the best time was renewed simply from the shakedown 1st pack.
At this point in time we used those of touring for the center shock, but as race/lace weak gets near, the movement of pitching direction stopped meeting, the point where it winds at the corner latter half reached. When there is also the recommendation of [yatsuki] and in preliminary round target date modifies in CRC Dura-Shock, this was settled exactly.

Concerning the suspension mount, it is to obtain the feel which is good using 5 degrees to immediately before, but out of order of preliminary round day preceding day became matter of concern, you copied the set of preliminary round day [yatsuki] after all.
Because you think, that there is also the taste, in regard to this through 5 degrees we think as good kana.

Preface became long, but it is the race/lace report.

All the Japanese participation vehicles. All the Japanese championship reports from (3)


Preliminary round 1 round eye
In any case without failing, with the goal of the thing which 8 minutes it finishes to run, first the time leaves travelling.
Because as for me to grasp too much 8 minutes it is many, not to have, resetting the advanced angle of the motor, it made to travel.
But it started drooping in 6 minutes, from there into fuel economy travelling changed, but the circumference doing at 20~27 second, it increased last 4 lap.
[yatsuki] set completely there is no problem.
At this point in time, 72 rank.

Preliminary round 2 round eye
The foolish fact that is ascertained advanced angle of the motor which you think that you were resetting here, was advancing.
Properly advanced angle resetting, it starts travelling in order to verify whether 8 minutes it has, course out, the center shock coming off with mistake, travelling impossibly.
Simply because because of the rainfall it could not run 2 round eyes, up to last group, in without being.

Preliminary round 3 round eye (2nd day)
For the present verification whether 8 minutes it has. Running slowly, there is a room even in the battery. From preceding day 1 lap rises.

Preliminary round 4 round eye
Adjusting to usual motor advanced angle, you aim for time rise.
Fuel economy travelling had travelling, the battery that way.
Furthermore 1 lap rises. At this point in time 66 rank.

Preliminary round 5 round eye
Because still there was a room in the battery, the motor grinding, the damper doing again to unite, keeping grasping, that you will verify whether it has, start of travelling.
After something the acceleration impression is bad, pulling out circumference lag it may collide from rear with the fact of the matter which becomes, the time rise releasing. After the travelling even from your [hi] densely, something being the motor slow, being called the shank, the stripe it did.
When you look at [komiyu] of the motor, the epoxy which has stopped the coil flows to the groove of [komiyu] and has come out, by the fact that that grinds becomes the same height, as [komiyu] dissolves and is attached to the surface of [komiyu] and makes the power of the motor knock down and would like to hurt is.

Preliminary round 6 round eye
For the present, changing the motor, changing also the tire, it travels starts, doing too much to be enthusiastic, it fails.
After that, the car does not bend completely. The right corner somehow the corner the extent which can bend. Somehow, all-inclusive running it did, but almost the same time as 1 round eyes which the battery droops.
The lawn which enters with mistake dampening, the tire inhaling the water, when you probably lose grip, this time you thought.

After all preliminary round 71 rank. Tomorrow just runs H main for ranking desperate defense.
Mats of the team member, razi and CRC [wakusu] of last year it does H main, to be, the [ru] etc, become funny may is.
Decision with motor advanced angle of the preliminary round 1 round eye, also the tire being the preliminary round 6 round eye, used those which were used, that way.

All the Japanese participation vehicles. All the Japanese championship reports from (3)



Pole start of H main. For the present with start success, 1st lap returning being the top, this it increased. But, when the several lap it does, in the same way as the preliminary round 6 round eye, the right corner the car does not bend with under. According to my data because the battery droops in 6 minutes, fuel economy you must travel, it is, but because succession approaches from rear, temporarily full opening. Naturally, with straight it is not to be defeated by anyone, but because equivalent of 3 extent in opens the car which does not bend, it keeps being able to make a foolish mistake simply. If perceives, in the car which is in the midst of travelling least significant travelling. In addition according to the data the battery droops at 6 minute and scores at 7 rank.

After the race/lace ending, when you try looking at the car, the tire half or more, had peeled off from the foil. Furthermore by the hand [beriberi] the fact of the matter which peels off. Although it pasted at the bond,…. When you show to the person, 'it is not damaged on the surface of that foil, it is?''You obtain and such a thing must do, it is?''…That, it peels off.'

Concerning the latest all Japan, shortage of knowledge exposed truly. Concerning [komiyu] of the motor, it seems that is occasionally such a rotor and, concerning the foil you did not know completely. This year when you challenge with 12 beginners 12 was, but they were 12 beginners to end.
Because is, [ribenji] be sure to do next year.

At above, all the Japanese reports end.

Activity as TeamCRC Japan to December it continues, but with one pause choosing such a beginner in [wakusu] treatment, it receives, your [hi] which offered the good car it is dense the way, thank you.
Furthermore various guidance it received race/lace weakly, everyone of the Team CRC Japan member, offer it received the place of practice with local end, SONIC store manager, during race/lace period, the car it put out and with became care, the Matsuoka way, Anzai, you associated to practice, the time tuning fork it is, the [tsu] [chi], in addition, everyone of the multitude, thank you truly.

You do also next year. In addition we ask may.