- CRC Carpet Knife V3.2 -

- Crest - 6/8/2006 -



Spring (XENEO0.475mm rebound 0mm)
Camber caster toe (approximately 1/ white shim each 1/0)
Knuckle (normal + titanium axle)
King pin shim (on arm on 1 knuckle under 3 knuckle 0)
Height approximately 2.8mm

Tire diameter wheel JACO double pink 42mm JACO white
The tire traction medicine: 2/3


Damper oil spring (CRC DURA shock/タミヤ & 1000th/kappa)
Damper length (68mm)
Friction grease (capital trade # 3000)
Ride height adjuster (IRS2.5)
Side link (3 piece links)
Side spring (white)
Height chassis side approximately 2.8mm

Tire diameter wheel JACO pink 42 mm JACO white)
The tire traction medicine: Full


Body (perm speed 8)

Battery count average discharge voltage (IB4200/ 529 second/1.208V)
Motor winding several brush spring (ECHO + 92/cutting brush)
スピニオンスパー (88/23), exponent (34.5)
Amplifier servo receiver (フタバ MC800Cver2/フタバ S9650/ フタバ 303FHS)
Servo saver pyro ball type & pyro ball interval (キンブロー/middle hole)
Receiver power source (it is not)
The car weight? G

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