- CRC Carpet Knife 3.1 -

- Team Denski Jidõsya -

- Rajiten Atsugi - 25/03/2006 -



Tire diameter wheel  - CRC purple 41mm eagle
Spring (CK3.1 kit standard survey 0.52mm rebound 0mm)
Camber caster toe (approximately 1°/ white shim/0°)
Knuckle (normal + titanium axle)
King pin shim (on arm on 4 knuckle under 1 knuckle 1)
The king pin grease (it is not)
Height approximately 2.5mm


Tire diameter wheel -JACO double pink 43mm Yokomo)
Damper oil spring (CRC DURA shock/アソシ & 30th/lead-lead)
Damper length (69mm rebound 0‡o)
Friction grease (capital trade # 3000)
Ride height adjuster (IRS1.5mm)
Side link (3 piece links)
Side spring (onlead-lead and 3 piece links arrangement)
Height chassis side approximately 2.5mm


The tire traction medicine (my tungsten inert gas ripper V2 front3/4it paints)
Rear tread spacer (173mm)
Body (プロトフォームSPEED12)
Battery count average discharge voltage (XENON マッチェスト GP3700/? Second /? V)
Motor winding several brush spring (ECHO can + ECHO9×2 / cutting brush)
スピニオンスパー (90/26 ), exponent (39.0)
Amplifier servo receiver (フタバ MC800Cver2/フタバ S9650/ フタバ 203HF)
Servo saber pyro ball type & pyro ball interval (キンブロー/middle hole)
Receiver power source (it is not)
The car weight? G


Race report (Original page)

This time there is no photograph. It does not inhale. As for 1/12 classes the entry 5 just a little it is lonesome. With example the knight time (16: 00) Empty course doing to enter, it started practice.

Being to have teaching to the previous T fence, it does, the modification point from the last time, but it made side link 3 piece types, it made the style which arranges the side spring the on that. As for this sisters car of carpet knife (?) So it is, it becomes the same constitution as the speed merchant. Because position of the spring appears in outside, even with the same spring hard it becomes the roll of the
. In addition, the pitching spring was designated as the lead-lead from the gold, spring rate was increased. As the entering to the corner becomes good with this, you were moved. However, the best lap when practicing was the result which is not different from 11.524 and the last time.

With race/lace start, preliminary round only 1 time is from o'clock of 10. 2 unit among 5 retired, I was 2 rank. As for the best lap 11.633, the
っ ち and others applying well enough, the battery droops end, calls 39 lap record was.

Decision chases Y Satoshi who drives the
アソシ L4 of preliminary round 1 rank, but with the lap of those which have become preliminary round retiring the T fence of the carpet knife 3.2r which is exceeded comes chasing from rear. Failing from pressure, it makes a foolish mistake, but 4 minutes it passed and to it was possible from the top to accompany in several second differences. 23rd week, expanding with the corner after the straight, was not the extent where the side to be extreme hit, after that the car becomes strange, retires, but the lap time decreased to 14 - 15 seconds substantially. As for result 4 rank. All-inclusive running while doing, it became least significant. Victory continued to the last time and it was Y Satoshi.

After the travelling, when you look at the car, the rubber band which locks the battery had come off. With this there is no meaning which it runs honestly. As for here you felt measure is needed. Is the latest harvesting the best lap in decision 11.405 and being oneself best, probably to be better than Y Satoshi who wins? But some holding down, stabilizing, 8 minutes it felt future theme that it can send.