- CRC Carpet Knife V3.2 -

- Ehime - 6/8/2006 -



Front tire: Yokomo L rubber medium 42mm
Front spring:[ CRC1394 ] 0.022 "
King pin shim: On upper arm 4, lower 2 rebounds 0 mm
Caster block: 10 degrees
Camber: ? 2.0 degrees
Height: 2. 5mm
Grip medicine: コラリー TC1 it applies inside 1/2
Other things:
[CRC4287] Aluminum make front end brace
[CRC4275] デルリン make it starts shaving, the upper arm
[CRC4277B] デルリン make it starts shaving, steering wheel block


Center shock:
TRF damper 71 mm アソシ 40 wt, spring タミヤホワイト

Rear tire: JACO pink 43. 5mm
Damper tube:[ CRC4214 ] Blue application
Roll center -:
Low roll center -[ CRC4260 ] low roll center - kit
Height: 2. 5mm
Grip medicine: Application of the コラリー TC1 whole surface
Side spring:[ CRC1296 ] White medium


Height: 2. 5mm
Body: Speed 8

In addition
Bearing: Kimihiko-yano.net original ball bearing
Spur gear: For Precision Racing System DD car

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