- Carpet Knife J-Spec - Team CRC Japan - Japanese Championship - NRC - 2006/11/27-29 -


Car: Carpet Knife Japan Specifications conversion (CRC J-Spec-Wb)

Tire: CRC purple HR-38 gluing end - Diameter: 42mm
Spring: CRC .020 (approximately 0.5mm)
Camber: - 1
Variable caster: - 10
Caster: Center (on front and back of caster block shim)
King Pin shims: Under the thick: 2 spring under thick 3 upper on upper it is thin 1
Toe: Barely out
Spacer under [roaamu]: Approximately 2.0mm (Fibre Lyte Fibre003)
Tire treatment: After the black can 10 minute TC-4 inside 1/2 15 minutes
Steering wheel block: CRC4277B
Caster block: CRC4266
Lower arms: .060 [roado]
Brace using one for L4
The king pin using the Y corporation
L4 Bumper
The servo mount and servo saver horn using the domestic K corporation

Shock: CRC DURA [CRC4281] - Oil: T corporation #600
Spring: blue [CRC1295] barely preload
Side damper: CRC lead-lead [CRC1340]
Oil for side damper]: M corporation #5000
Droop: - 1.mm (in lower brace rear end measurement)
L4 Antenna mount
Connecting between the shear braces left and right with link
The washer of approximately 0.3mm is put between the center ball and the rear bottom plate

Tire: CRC Magenta HR-38 gluing end 45.2mm
Gear ratio: 23/92 spur gears PRS - PRS6492
Tire treatment: TC-4 15 minutes extensively after the black can 10 minute
[haitoadaputa]: I corporation 1.5mm down
Body: Speed 12 attachment, somewhat with the glass tape reinforcement
Motor: Team Br00d CP 82
Standard brush and brush spring
Diff.: I corporation small
Battery: Pro Match Racing IB4200 matched
Additional battery and regulator for receiver: VXR Racing
Ball bearing & Diff balls for Kimihiko Yano
Something related to RC device
Transmitter: M11
Servo: NES-3125
Receiver: RX431
ESC: Sphere Competition

Kimihiko Yano - Full Race Report





Kimihiko Yano