- CEFX C12 Evo 2 - Jim Herrmann - IIC 2007 -

Stock Setup

Parma Magenta front tires (1/2 traction) @ 1.66 (I think)
.020 front springs
Kyosho 15k on the kingpins
Castor shims split 1/1
10 degree front blocks
2 degrees of camber
3.5mm front ride height

.062 t-bar - no center screw
.050 shim under the front of the t-bar
Kyosho 15k in the tubes
30wt center shock oil - Green Spring
Parma Grey rear tires (full traction) @ 1.72 (I think)
Rear Width @ 6.70
4.0mm rear ride height

Parma HD Body

I'm not 100% sure on the track width. I know Jim did grind the front steering blocks .020 off the front face to narrow up the front end (Parma wheels have a different off-set than Jaco's).