Second in our series from the International Carpet Challenge is a driver who has spent a long time at the top of the timesheets in UK Touring Car racing Phil Chambers. Now following a career in full size motorsport, Phil has recently made the switch to Capricorn to join their ever expanding UK team, supported by CPD Racing. Phil is known for having one of the neatest cars!

Phil is running the recently released TE03 chassis, and worked with team mates Kyle Branson and Stefan Chodzynski to fine tune the setup on their cars throughout the event, making use of the wide range of adjustments the latest version of the cars offers.  To help with preventing the car tweaking, Phil only ran two screws in each of the shock towers.

Name: Phil Chambers (UK)
Car: Capricorn TE03
Motor: Reedy Sonic 4.5
Speed Controller: Hobbywing V3.1
Battery: MooreSpeed
Bodyshell: PROTOform Mazda Speed 6