The Capricorn star is off to a great start here at the 2016 IFMAR ISTC World Champion with excellent speed and strong finishes in free practice. Trading laps with the best in the world the 6 time German National Champion, Marc Fischer is also a Worlds finalist, but is still hungry for his 1st world title.

Chassis: Capricon TE03 EVO
Motor: Trion 4.5T
ESC: Trion TricoPro V2
Battery: Gen Ace 6500mAh
Radio: Sanwa M12s
Receiver: Sanwa
Servo: Savox 1252MG
Body: ProtoformLTC-R
Option parts: None

Remarks – German Marc Fischer is sitting in the top 6 after free practice with the TE03 Evo, the same car he ran in Luxembourg for ETS Rd5. Using the practice to back to back between two cars, he decided for the version with the Italian company’s unique centre bridge. This car was more safe and while it understeered slightly it means it will be safe for 5 minutes. Looking to get just a little more steering he may change to a harder rear diff oil and shock package.