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Setups: Asphalt, Carpet

Manual Source
A800FX Manual Awesomatix
ADC (Advanced Damper Cup) Manual
A800FX - Spec & Images
A800FX - Build
Gear Chart
Suspension Rates
Roll Centre Calculator - Roll Centre Calculator - Roll Centre CalculatorV162 THard
Blank Setup Sheet
A800FX Editable Setup Sheet Awesomatix/Arn0
Tips & Tricks
ST69 Spring Screw Overview M. Machler
Bodyshell Mounting M. Machler
Bodyshell Position M. Machler
P63 Assembly Tip M. Machler
Starting Setup
Indoor Starting Setups (Low-Medium & Medium-High Traction) M. Machler
Indoor Starting Setup (Arena33) M. Machler
Outdoor Starting Setup (Heuchelheim) M. Machler

Asphalt Driver Event - Place Layout Traction Source
31.05.2020 Max Machler RCK Ch. - Heuchelheim Mixed Medium M. Machler
16.05.2020 Max Machler Test - Heuchelheim Mixed M. Machler
27.10.2019 Fai Ho Xpress Cup - TRC Technical Medium M. Machler
07.07.2019 Max Machler TOS - Hann Munden Technical Medium M. Machler
23.06.2019 Max Machler Test - Asbach Fast Medium M. Machler
Carpet Driver Event - Place Layout Traction Source
07-09.02.2020 Marwin Riedelbauch (17.5) ETS - Daun Mixed-Fast High M. Machler
03-05.01.2020 Steven Olsen (17.5) DHI Cup - Odense Mixed-Fast Medium M. Machler
22.12.2019 Max Park (21.5) Indoor Master - GRC Mixed Medium-High M. Machler
06-08.12.2019 Alexander Stocker (17.5) EWS International Mixed High M. Machler
25-27.10.2019 Steven Olsen (17.5) ETS - Vienna Mixed High M. Machler
19.10.2019 Michal Bok (17.5) Hrotovice Mixed Medium-High M. Bok
10-13.10.2019 Max Machler (25.5) NYGP - 360v2 Mixed Medium M. Machler
12-13.10.2019 Jacques Libar (17.5) TOS - Arena33 Technical High J. Libar
29.09.2019 Max Machler Arena33 Mixed Medium-High M. Machler
22.08.2019 Brent Klingforth (25.5) 5280 Raceway Fast Medium Awesomatix USA
18.08.2019 Steven Olsen (21.5) 360v3 Mixed High Awesomatix USA

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