Thought I would share my setup for my AE TC7.

Since ROAR has dropped the weight to 1350 for TC... I wanted to get the new build at weight now running on high grip black CRC carpet.

So here where I'm at.

With the high bite track like Thunder RC Raceway... Aluminum chassis is a very good tool to start with (#31652).

I also added the floating steering post from AE (#31668). This is 50/50 with most racers. I like it so far .

While we are on steering. I'm using a servo saver from AE (#25584). Some guys like other brands, but I've used these for awhile now and haven't had any issues.

Next I put the DCV kit in(Part 31632). This of course eliminated chatter up front. Probably best upgrade to any touring car.

I'm running all Reedy electronics including the new Blackbox 1000z+ (#27003)....LP HV Digital servo (#27108). For power I'm using Reedy Zappers 7400mAh 7.4V 100C (#27303). With the M3 17.5 SS (#269). And to keep it cool the AE fan mount set (#31640).

To further the weight loss.... I added Tuning Haus rear axles which dropped 23g alone. And last I added the Hiro Seiko screw set which dropped another 20 plus grams.

So with body and ready for the track... 1352g

Results was a very well balanced and nibble car.


M. Battman Kinnard