Indoor track in Kostendorf bei Salzburg called RC Indoor Arena Salzburg.

The track is absolutely perfect place to test and I decided to try to make a pre ETS test as well as making a starting setup for the upcoming ETS race in Vienna.

I was there with Ruddog and Team Associated Alexander Mayer, Chris Grach and Mario Schreilechner

This was only the 2:nd time with the TC7.2 on Carpet and I getting more and more impressed with the handling and performance.
Car is easy to drive and easy to drive fast with.
Crazy corner speed.

I have attached the setup sheet for you guys which I tested out with Alex and this would be my suggested ETS starting setup.
It's fast yet easy to drive.
Depending on your preference and the grip level in Vienna you might want to reduce the Ackermann and bump steer shims.
Alex used 0mm bump steer shims and 0mm Ackermann shims as this fitted his driving style better than mine.
Otherwise we used the identical setup as posted

One more thing as you see from the photos.
I used a 2mm top deck but cut it to increase rear flex somewhat.
It is very different then to use a thinner top deck as the 1.6mm

The thinner top deck gives you an overall softer flex. However when you cut the top deck as I have done, the flex point (which I call it) is moved and changes the overall balance of the car greatly.
Very similar to the Backbone I made for the Yokomo, this decreased the overall flex slightly but mainly moved the flex point of the car forward.

Alexander didn't really believe me when I told him to test my cut top deck that it would be better. It was funny to see his face when he actually did test it and just said, car just feels better everywhere, balance improved alot!

I used the Bittydesign JP8 LW with ETS 90 gram rule and the new Bittydesign stock wing.


A. Myberg