- Team Associated TC7.2 Factory Team -

Team Associated is proud to announce their newest 1:10 scale 4WD electric touring car kit, the TC7.2 Factory Team Kit, the next generation in the TC7 lineage.

With current touring car platforms reaching higher plateaus of precision and performance, the engineers behind the doors of Area 51 wasted no time to ensure that the TC7 exceeds expectations. The TC7.2 comes packed with a host of new components and the features necessary to keep you on top.

As the on-road market advances at an ever-increasing rate, more is demanded from the chassis to accommodate the ultra-competitive racing classes. A successor to the TC7.1, the TC7.2 maintains the proven suspension geometry, but adds refinement to chassis balance and the flex necessary for today's racing class. The centrally positioned IFM (Inline Flex Mount) motor mount adds several mounting configurations to help fine-tune chassis flex to the racing surface, and has an integral mounting position for an optional chassis pitch control system (PCS). The TC7.2 also carries an all-new aluminum rear gear differential for the ultimate in precision and heat dissipation, as well as an ultra-light front spool assembly. Along with a list of new features, the TC7.2 Factory Team gives you everything you need to race at the highest level -- all without sacrificing low part count or affordability. A well-refined racing chassis with success in its heritage, the TC7.2 Factory Team Kit is another "Champion by Design" from Team Associated!


  • All new ultra-precise rear gear diff for maximum performance
    • Aluminum diff case for precision gear alignment and increased heat dissipation
    • Durable composite gear set for minimized mass
    • Hard anodized aluminum outdrives for low wear and long life
    • Outdrives supported by ball bearings eliminates binding under load
    • Lightweight belt pulley with relief holes to help clear debris
  • Ultra-light weight front spool with replaceable hardened steel outdrives
    • Lightweight aluminum spool hub for efficient power delivery and low rotational mass
    • Hardened steel outdrives for minimum wear and increased durability
    • Lightweight belt pulley with relief holes to help clear debris
  • One-piece IFM (Inline Flex Mount) motor mount system
    • Central mounting to allow free chassis flex in either direction
    • Several mounting positions to help further adjust chassis flex characteristics
    • One-piece design ensures proper spur/pinion gear alignment
  • Updated bearing caps with integral camber link mount for ultra-fine link length adjustments
    • Camber link mount fastens to bearing cap allowing the use of shims to adjust camber link length for ultra-fine tuning of camber gain
    • Symmetric parts on all four corners minimizes spare part count
    • Optimized shock tower mounting positions for improved flex characteristics
    • Vertical ballstud orientation allows for fine adjustments of roll center height
  • Updated floating servo mount
    • 7075-T6 aluminum for increased durability
    • Servo mounts to chassis center to allow equal chassis flex in both directions and a tweak free assembly
    • Servo mount pins to chassis to eliminate servo shifting under hard impact
    • Slotted servo mount design allows fit for almost any servo size
  • New battery mounting system for greater adjustability
    • Battery position can be set front-back and in-out to help fine tune chassis mass balance
    • Battery tabs for tape free battery installation
    • Adjustable to fit dimensional differences between battery manufacturers
  • Updated narrow chassis shape with optimized flex characteristics
    • 2.25mm graphite laminate with updated profile and symmetric pockets for optimal chassis flex
    • A narrow 84mm wide to minimize chassis dragging at maximum chassis roll angles
    • Chassis incorporates mounting position for 1UP DTC (Dynamic Toe Control) rear end option
    • Chassis ballast mass mounting locations to fine tune mass balance
  • PCS (Pitch Control System) option to further adjust chassis flex characteristics
    • Motor mount and servo mount incorporate mounting positions for pitch control brace option
  • Fox "short" shocks with genuine Kashima Coating
    • "Short" shock lowers overall center of mass allowing for more stability in high grip conditions
    • Ultra-smooth Kashima Hard Coating for minimal friction and extended wear
    • Hard coated shock shafts with polished finish
    • Machined piston and bushing sets for the most precise build
    • Updated bladder profile for consistent performance
  • DCV drive shaft assemblies included for front drive
    • DCV (dual CV) drive shafts are double-cardon joints, allowing free rotation of drive shaft at extreme angles typical of the front drive due to addition of steering angle to suspension arm angle
    • The use of DCV's results in smooth steering through larger corners by eliminating the "chatter" typical of standard CV axles
  • Ultra-light weight carbon composite suspension components
    • Carbon composite material used for the best combination of strength at minimized mass
    • Optimized suspension arm length and shock mounting positions
    • Pivot ball on inner hinge pin allows free pin movement at any toe or kickup angle
    • Insert system for precise adjustment of toe and inner pin width
    • Independent arm mount design to allow maximum flex through entire chassis length, resulting in better grip on all track conditions
  • Aluminum rear CV bones
    • 7075-T6 aluminum with hard coating for ultimate durability and decreased wear
    • Low rotational mass
  • 26 precision ball bearings
  • Information from Keven Hebert:

    I wanted to list a few new optional parts for the car we did not have before and will be usefull to have in your parts box.

    First is the aluminum flex chassis if you are running carpet, it will be a must. Part number is 31772

    Then we have a 1.6mm top plate to go with that aluminum chassis. In certain high grip track the std top plate will be good but I highly recommend the 1.6 to go with the aluminum chassis. Part number is : 31773

    Next is a new adjustable body post mount part number 31799 will be nice to have for quicker body height adjustement.

    We will also offer a solid arm mount for the front (B mount) to reduce flex in the front and stiffen that area of the car. It has proven to made the car easier to drive under high grip condition. Part number : 31808

    We will also have a graphite shims to use as a spacer for the front camber link lenght to make quick adjustement simply by loosening the 2 screws of the mount and sliding the shim between the bulkhead and camber link mount : Part number is 31806