Team Associatedís Ryan Cavalieri is probably better known for his accomplishments in the off-road environment, but his on-road skills are also very impressive. Like previous years, heís been a standout at the Reedy Touring Car Race of Champions in the Invitational Class and this year is no different. His lines are crisp and his lap times right with the other top drivers. To back this up, he came out swinging and took a win in the first Round with his TC7.1. Letís take a closer look.

Team Associatedís Ryan Cavalieri is showing good speed at the event and won his first round race.

Sponsors: Team Associated, Much More, JConcepts, Savox, Darkside, 1Up Racing, RCE, UpGrade RC, OCRC Raceway, Pacific Coast Hobbies, Kicker, Mikita.

Ryan Cavalieri is using the newest Team Associated TC7.1 version with a few small tweaks.

The front end of the TC7.1. Ryan is running the new optional carbon fiber bumper brace. He also uses a spool up front. Springs are SMJ yellow in the front with XRAY 2.7 at the rear. For swaybars, Caví, like the other factory drivers, uses 1.2 at the front with 1.3 at the rear.

The rear end includes a gear diff with 10K Team Associated silicone oil.

Cavalieri recently changed his electronics sponsor to Much More and this means he uses their full-size Impact 6400 2S LiPo battery that is held in using black strapping tape.

The car is powered by a Much More Fleta Pro V2 speed control with no boost but a little bit of turbo and Much More 4.5T brushless motor.

A stock 2.25mm carbon fiber chassis sees the normal scratches on the bottom, and titanium screws are used throughout.

The car is outfitted with a Protoform LTC-R lightweight and painted in Cavís signature livery. The body is mounted 4mm forward for more aggressive steering.

Caví prefers to use a Protoform standard downforce, heavyĖduty wing at Tamiya Raceway.

Protoform anti-tuck braces are installed inside to help prevent problems in the event of a bump from behind.


Images: C. Hyndman