Here's a close up look at my Team Associated TC7.1 fresh off the track from A3.

Reedy Power all the way, Zappers 6000 LP battery, 510R speed control, Mach 3 5.0t motor, and RT1408 servo with AE 20mm aluminum servo horn.

I used the PROTOform Type-S body, mounted 2mm forward with the PF high downforce HD wing. The downforce that this body creates is insane, in my testing before the Nationals I was able to improve my average lap times by .3 over the tried and true LTC-R!

For option parts, I used the Factory Team CF bumper brace, belt tensioner, PSD shock system, CF arm mount shims, x-rings, aluminum screws, and ballast weights. 1up Racing Dynamic Toe Control conversion, 1up steel steering posts, and Tuning Haus aluminum universals.

I made a center link that connects the motor plate to the servo mount using all AE parts as well. I rarely run this but it definitely helps gain some initial steering in low grip conditions. In higher bite conditions I feel like it makes the car edgy and also seems to lose some cornerspeed mid-corner


R. Caster