Finally getting caught up and back to reality after the 2017 International Indoor Championships! Scotty Ernst put on an awesome event as always and even kicked in a little more practice for us to work out the gremlins and shake off the rust (I really needed it).

I struggled a lot, but was able to Qualify 7th in the A main of 1/12 modified and 1st in the C main of TC modified. In TC, I almost bumped directly in the A main with Scottys race format since I had a pretty fast main time, but Mr Ralph Burch Jr put in a faster time in the B main and got the A bump spot. 1/12, I just had gremlins and bad luck shaking down a new car with unfamiliar equipment all week. In the main, I had a rear bearing failure which damaged my spur gear, ending my race early to finish 10th. Still a super fun event and I hope to be back again next year!

I wanted to say thank you to all of my supporters:
- Seido Speed Works
- Apex RC / RC Mission / Pro Spec
- Protoform
- Avid RC
- Xpert
- Xenon/JFT
- 1Up Racing
- Max.FX
- Sanwa
- Seattle RC Racers
- Team Chaps

Special thanks to Rick Hohwart and Walt for removing my car from the wall with power tools, and Keven Hebert for finding a few parts for me to fix said car :D. Whooops.

Photo Cred - Rugspin Graphix


K. Harbke