- Team Associated TC7.1 Factory Team -

Team Associated is proud to release the newest edition to our lineup of 1:10th scale 4WD electric touring car kits, the TC7.1 Factory Team. An evolution of its successful predecessor, the TC7 FT, the TC7.1 FT car kit comes packed full of the Factory Team options necessary to keep you racing at the highest level!

The touring car racing scene has evolved into a refined group of elite level race cars, and advancements in track surfaces and tire compounds have allowed the current generation of on-road cars more grip and higher corner speeds. The engineers behind the doors of Area-51 have been hard at work to make sure the TC7.1 has everything you need to keep you in front of the pack.

The primary focus for the TC7.1 FT was to allow for a lower center of mass to take advantage of the higher grip levels. Starting with the ultra-smooth short FOX® shocks with Genuine Kashima® Coat mounted low on the chassis, and rounding out with DCV drive shafts for the front end, no corners were left untouched to make the smoothest power delivery and optimal load transfer. Other key features include a narrow chassis with optimized flex characteristics, one-piece motor mount, floating servo mount, and rear gear diff for maximum performance and minimal maintenance.

A brilliant successor with a well-rounded evolution, it's easy to see that the TC7.1 FT kit is another Champion by Design!


  • Short FOX® shocks with Genuine Kashima® Coat
    - Short shock lowers overall center of mass allowing for more stability in high grip conditions
    - Ultra-smooth Kashima® hard coating for minimal friction and extended wear
    - Hard-coated shock shafts with polished finish
    - Machined piston and bushing sets for the most precise build
    - Updated bladder profile for consistent performance

  • DCV drive shaft assemblies included for front drive
    - DCV (Dual Constant Velocity) drive shafts are double-cardon joints, allowing free rotation of drive shaft at extreme angles typical of the front drive due to addition of steering angle to suspension arm angle
    - The use of DCV's results is smooth steering through larger corners by eliminating the chatter typical of standard CV axles

  • Front spool with replaceable hardened steel outdrives
    - Hardened steel surface for minimum wear
    - CVA bone blade is no longer necessary, eliminating failure of blade under impact
    - Steel spool outdrive cups are replaceable in the event of failure

  • Narrow chassis with optimized flex characteristics
    - 2.25mm graphite laminate for optimized flex characteristics
    - A narrow 88mm wide chassis to minimize chassis dragging at maximum chassis roll angles
    - Chassis ballast mass mounting locations to fine tune mass balance
    - Updated chassis pockets for improved belt clearance

  • Ultra-lightweight carbon composite suspension components
    - Carbon composite material used for the best combination of strength at minimized mass
    - Optimized suspension arm length and shock mounting positions
    - Pivot ball on inner hinge pin allows free pin movement at any toe or kickup angle
    - Insert system for precise adjustment of toe and inner pin width
    - Independent arm mount design to allow maximum flex through entire chassis length, resulting in better grip on all track conditions

  • One-piece motor mount
    - Central mounting to allow free chassis flex in either direction
    - One-piece design ensures proper spur/pinion gear alignment
    - Floating spur helps to center flex point of top plate, giving better overall traction

  • Efficient drive belts
    - Optimized length for better on-power steering
    - Softer material for a more efficient drive train

  • Dual bellcrank steering system with low center of mass
    - Low profile mounting for an overall lower center of mass
    - Optimized Ackermann and steering rates
    - Horizontal ballstuds for fine Ackermann adjustments
    - 8 precision bearings for accurate swing motion

  • Floating servo mount
    - Servo mounts to chassis center to allow equal chassis flex in both directions and a tweak-free assembly
    - Mount ties to steering bellcrank posts for stable servo positioning
    - Slotted servo mount design allows fit for almost any servo size

  • Vertical ballstud bearing caps
    - Optimized position for inner ballstud
    - Vertical ballstud orientation allows for fine adjustments of roll center height
    - 3 link position options give precise control of camber gain

  • Rear gear diff for maximum performance and minimal maintenance
    - Lightweight design
    - Durable composite construction
    - Optimized for a wide tuning window to maximize useable adjustability
    - Hard-anodized aluminum outdrives for low wear and long life

  • Titanium turnbuckles with turnbuckle eyelets for easy access to ballstud for adjustment

  • 22 precision ball bearings

Vehicle Specifications

Power Source: Electric
Terrain: On-Road
Body Style: Touring Car
Scale Size: 1:10 Scale
Assembly Level: Kit*
Length: 360mm (14.17in)
Width: Varies
Wheelbase*: 253.5mm-257.5mm / 9.9in-10.1in
Weight*: 508g (1.12lbs)
Gear Ratio: 2.0:1
Drive: 4WD

* Final width and weight will vary with the actual electronics and tires used to complete the RC10TC7.1 FT Kit.

Required to Complete

  • 1:10 scale electric motor
  • 1:10 scale electronic speed control
  • Battery: 3.7V-7.4V LiPo, or 6.0V LiFe
  • Battery charger (suited for, and particular to, one of the batteries mentioned above)
  • 2-channel surface transmitter, and its batteries
  • 2-channel receiver
  • Steering servo
  • 1:10 scale polycarbonate touring car body
  • Polycarbonate-specific spray paint for body
  • 1:10 scale rubber or foam touring car tires and wheels

Titanium turnbuckles with eyelets for easy ballstud adjustment

One-piece motor mount

Anti-roll bars included

Front spool with replaceable hardened steel outdrives

Short FOX(R) shocks with Genuine Kashima(R) Coat - compare with TC7

DCV front drive shaft assemblies

22 precision ball bearings

Ultra-lightweight carbon composite suspension components

Narrow chassis with optimized flex characteristics