- Team Associated TC6 - Rick Hohwart - West Coast RC Raceway - 31.08.2011 -

How does this differ from Weiss' set up if any?

Not very close at all. Both work so you can go either way. I like my car to push and be easy to drive so that is what I think is a good setup. I have not yet tried Steve's mainly because it requires things I don't have (the ability to space .75mm for example). I can't comment on if it is good or bad but I will give it a try or at least get as close as I can.

I also try and look for something that works everywhere and that I can tweak slightly for different conditions. This setup is a slight variation from what I used in 13.5 at the Nats and again slightly different from what I used at the RROC in modified. But the basics are the same. - Rick Hohwart

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