- Team Associated TC6 - Keven Hebert - West Coast Rc Raceway - Xray Challenge - 01.05.2011 -

On Kevin H new setup he has the front arm mounts shimmed out 3.5mm and the shocks on the inside hole. What effect does this have?

On that new setup the main reason why I did go wider is because I was trying to get more stability as the car was very grabby. This track is particular but I am positive that this will be a good setup for any other asphalt track because it did have very good steering.

Going inside on the front arm will generaly give you more steering mid corner. The 70 wt oil on the inside actually still feels thinner than let say 55 on the outside with the shock being so far in it makes the shock feel a lot softer. I had 2 cars I was playing with there and one of them had something close to my regular setup and both of them had about the same amount of steering but the new setup was much easier to drive.

Keven Hebert, RC Tech