- Team Associated TC6.2 - Build -

Jonathan aka thejo3

Tadamm ! Here it is, the new TC6.2 from Team Associated (AE).

After few months of development and testing, AE got their new TC car on the market just in time for a fresh year that will have another world championship and AE think that they have the car to win it! I just finished building it and here is what I have to say about it.

First: Thank you AE for finally moving the servo 90 degrees with the new floating design. This allows more space to fit in electronics and this combined to the new steering rack you already have a proof that the tc6.2 is worth the upgrade. Steering is smooth on its 8 bearings and no doubt it will be noticeable on the track.

Upgrades: Chassis, top deck, arm and suspension mount, shock towers and bulkhead are all new giving a new geometry to the car. 8 mm wider chassis, narrower top deck with both same thicknesses holds everything perfectly.


Parts unchanged: Shocks, Spool, Gear diff, pulley and arms are the same. Why changing something that has been proven successful. Few changes as per setup from 6.1 but the manual is as easy to follow to get new details as before.

Build: It’s always nice to build a fresh car straight from the box. Looking through the well labeled bags and I was ready to start.

Chassis: Sanding and gluing the chassis is now common and that is where I started. Using a blue marker this time, I wanted to make sure that blue will be well represented on that masterpiece!

Arm mounts: I then worked on the new arm mounts. Using the same type of mount as XRAY does on its new T4, everything is pretty easy to put in place. Just need to push hard to get the plastic adjustments to their preferred spot to avoid arms to be too tight once installed on the chassis. Little black grease from Jilles Groskamp’s pro tips video has always been a tip I used for that kind of mounts and helps to keep plastic parts to move smoothly once in the aluminum parts.

Suspension mounts: They changed the suspension mounts from 6.1 version but they kept the same idea to have any mount to fit anywhere (front/rear/left/right) and that’s appreciated if you bend or break one or even on the building parts.
Steering: As I said above, it is a smooth steering system that AE brought on this car and it is also easy to build. Bearings and screws on and it already move freely on the chassis.

Spool & Gear: The 6.2 uses the same gears as on 6.1 so they were very familiar to me and easy to build. They includes a 40cst oil for the rear gear diff, but I decided to use a 1k oil instead after suggestions on forum… we’ll see!

Shocks: Also same shocks as on 6.1. I decided to try another suggestion and use the now popular Yokomo springs combined with Spec-R shocks fittings to mount them on the car. Pros do it, so do I !

Here is a picture to show standard 6.2 shocks and the one I used with Yokomo’s springs and parts used.

Personal add-ons: Besides springs, I also used Yokomo’s body adjustable body mounts instead of traditional plastic cups to remove movements from the body. I also replaced the 87t included spur for a 100t Robinson spur. Not only it gives a nice white combination with shocks, I will be able to get a FDR in the 4.00 area to rock in GT2 blinky class.

Here is the car after the build. You can see that I added the TC6 blue screw sets, just for the look!

Electronics: I just have to swap my electronics to the new car to have a first look of the car’s performance on my own.

Will keep you posted on the FORUM!