- Team Associated TC6.2 - Kevin Kreft - Training - TSV 1871 - 21.06.2014 -

With all the ARS announcements going on, I thought of showing you how AE already prepared the 6.2 for this solution. If you already got some spares the ARS for your 6.2 will cost you nearly nothing ;)
You need the front suspension plastic parts, 2 ballstuds, 2 flathead screws, two damper mounts, four ballstud eyelets and two short turnbuckles (around 16mm length).
Take the ballstud and screw it into the damper mount. Take the flathead screw, push it through the chassis (blue screw on picture) and attach the ballstud-dampermount on the upside. Install all the front suspension parts on the rear axle. Assemble the turnbuckkles and clip them on the steering block.

And thats it! Not really xD The hardest will be to find out what kind of ARS setup will work for you in the situation. Use shims to manipulate the changes in degree on the suspension.

The c-hub is around 2mm higher than the rear hub carrier. I used a2mm shim before, so I could build it without a shim. Also the position of the steering block thread equates the position A of the rear camber link.

To keep the rear damper geometry the same, it is recommended to drill a hole in the suspension arm, 13mm away from the outer pin. This equals damper position C. You may have the damper rubbing lightly against the c-hub. Use a shim or a long neck ballstud then.