That 6 hole 1.1mm with 35wt must be soft! Also, what's your droop over ride height when your droop setting is at 6.5/5.0mm? I see the ride height is low too (at least relative to what I'm used to). What's the minimum ride height at your track? Have you tried a PF LTC-R light weight body? Seems like that would be well suited for your track.

Lets begin with the pistons and oil: I have a different push- and pullstroke dampening. The pushstroke is soft (six holes), the pullstroke is dampened stronger with just three holes open (normal value).

Droop over ride height is 2mm in the rear and 1.5mm in front. The ride height numbers are wrong These settings are for outdoor with a protective film underneath the chassis. Indoor I am at 5.0mm in front and 5.2mm in the rear. You could go even lower, because the car is not rolling much (at least with the CPX tires).

I have a LTC-R body, but never liked it. Even outdoor I find the Protoform Mazda6 much better. This is one of my life mysteries
But I don't have to worry about it as the Challenge only allows HB & HPI bodies. So I could only use a HB 09x body. But this one is to imprecise in the rear.

How do you achieve your different valve-ing for push/pull?

I have put a thin layer of plastic underneath the piston. The layer lets three holes open. Because it is so thin it bows away under pressure from the piston when the shaft moves upward and lets the oil pass. If the shaft moves down, the pressure presses the layer against the piston and closes the holes.

Here is a fast scribble I made when the idea struck me:

The pistons are these: RSD 10mm 611 Piston (6x1.1mm Holes)


K. Kreft