- Team Associated TC6.2 Factory Team -

The RC10TC6.2 Factory Team kit builds on the very successful R.O.A.R. and B.R.C.A. national championship-winning TC6 platform and adds many performance-enhancing upgrades which take the chassis to the next level of performance.

New for the TC6.2 is the updated bulkhead, top plate, and chassis configuration that allow flex to be optimized by disconnecting the drivetrain bulkheads and suspension mounting systems. This new arrangement allows a predictable flex through the entire length of chassis, giving maximum grip on any track surface. At only 88mm wide and 2.25mm thick, the new TC6.2 carbon fiber chassis remains very narrow, resulting in reduced drag during the hardest cornering.

The independent arm mount system features interchangeable toe inserts and pivot ball joints, allowing the racer to dial-in the suspension on an even more granular level. Optimized ballstud positions are connected with eyelet ball cups and blue titanium turnbuckles, adding up to an easier-to-tune platform with even more precise suspension adjustments than before.

The TC6.2 incorporates a new floating servo mount that not only improves steering control but also offers an increased area for mounting the ESC and receiver. The floating servo ties directly into a new dual bellcrank steering system with optimized Ackermann and steering speed.

The TC6.2 retains the H.D.R.C. (High Definition Roll Control) system. Roll stiffness is controlled and adjusted by the two wires that mount into the sides of an aluminum center member and link to the suspension arms. The aluminum center member rolls on a bearing surface to reduce friction and provides ultra-precise movement.

The lightweight rear gear differential provides maximum performance, adjustability, and low maintenance, while the front spool features replaceable composite outdrives with the performance of low-friction CVA blades to allow for free axle movement.

Factory Team VCS3 shocks feature hard-anodized threaded bodies with bottom-loaded seals. The VCS3 shocks are super smooth, featuring TiN-coated shock shafts and an increased stroke, all adding up to improved traction.

Rounded out with 22 precision ball bearings, Team Associated's TC6.2 has what it takes to keep you out in front and ahead of the pack in today's highly competitive touring car races.


  • Updated bulkheads and arm mount system for precise suspension adjustments and consistent flex through the entire length of the chassis
  • Optimized dual bellcrank ball bearing steering system with adjustable Ackermann and improved steering rates
  • Floating servo mount fits most popular servo sizes and allows for a tweak free assembly with equal chassis flex in both directions
  • Narrow 2.25mm graphite laminate chassis provides optimized flex characteristics and minimizes possible dragging at maximum chassis roll angles
  • Floating spur gear mount design allows for more flex through the rear of chassis to increase traction in all conditions
  • Ball stud positions are optimized for fine adjustments of roll center and camber gain
  • Spur gear and top plate have been lowered to allow for more chassis flex and increased traction in any condition
  • Lightweight rear gear diff with hard anodized aluminum outdrives, and front spool with replaceable composite outdrives
  • VCS3 shock with hard anodized threaded shock bodies
  • Titanium turnbuckles with ballcup eyelets for easy access to ball stud
  • 22 precision ball bearings
  • Cross-compatibility with all TC6.1 suspension components

Vehicle Specifications
Power Source: Electric
Terrain: On-Road
Body Style: Touring Car
Scale Size: 1:10 Scale
Assembly Level: Kit*
Length: varies
Width: varies
Wheelbase: 255mm (10.04in)
Weight: varies
Internal Gear Ratio: 2.0:1
Drive: 4WD

New Parts for the #30109 RC10TC6.2 Factory Team Kit

Part # - Description
31600 - TC6.2 Chassis
31601 - TC6.2 Top Plate
31604 - Front Shock Tower
31605 - Rear Shock Tower
31608 - Servo Mount Brace
31609 - Steering Bellcrank Post Set
31610 - Steering Bellcrank
31611 - Steering Rack Set
31612 - Bulkhead
31613 - Bearing Cap [A]
31614 - Bearing Cap [B]
31615 - Differential Bearing Cam Set
31616 - Spur Gear Bulkhead
31617 - Motor Mount Set
31618 - Outer Arm Mount
31619 - Inner Arm Mount
31620 - Arm Mount Insert Set
31621 - Inner Hinge Pin Ball
31622 - Servo Mount Set
31623 - Bumper Set
31624 - Foam Bumper
31625 - Body Post Set
31626 - LiPo Brace Set
31627 - Anti-roll Bar Tube
31628 - Anti-roll Bar Kit
31632 - DCV Kit
31633 - DCV Rebuild Kit
31634 - DCV Stub Axle
31635 - DCV Bone
31636 - DCV Coupler Tube
31637 - Gear Diff Outdrive, steel
31638 - Spool Outdrive, steel
31639 - Belt Tensioner Kit
31640 - Fan Mount Set
31641 - 30mm Cooling Fan
31642 - TC6.2 Decal Sheet