- Team Associated TC6.1 - Mikes Haynes - Jackson RC Raceway - 12.05.2012 -

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Noticed the stock chassis was narrowed to 88mm. 4mm on each side shaved off? To reduce chassis rub? By Narrowing it does the chassis become more flexible?
My understanding is that this was done to prevent the chassis from dragging, not to increase flex (although it will slightly). - Rick Hohwart

Rick, correct. Between riding curbs and a fast sweeper my car was dragging a lot, and sometimes would catch and spin out, the narrower chassis reduced that. It does flex a bit more so i went back to a regular upper deck (instead of one cutout (front and back) as we usually run. I must thank Dawson and FJ for their help (its always nice to hear what my car does wrong) after a few weeks of heavy testing i was very happy with the car. - Mikes Haynes

What were you cutting on the upper deck?
The small bridge in front of where the steering post mounts and the small bridge just in front of the spur gear. - Mikes Haynes

Like this? I assume this increases flex and traction.
Yes, i liked just the front cut for carpet, seemed to keep the nose down in the corner better, on pavement cutting the rear seemed to help my car rotate better. Keep in mind there will be a large difference in how it effects your car depending on the rest of the setup, give it a try but i would recommend having an extra in case it doesn't fit your preference. - Mikes Haynes