- Team Associated TC6.1 - Mike Haynes - IIC - Las Vegas - 01-06.10.2012 -

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Whoa, silver front and blue rear spring? -Mike
Yes that is acurate, you will notice the rear is laid all the way down, when you press the car on the board it feels "normal", it helped carry the car well in the small sweeping corners
That's what I was thinking. What's up with the DCJ's in the rear, too?
The dcj in rear let the car "float" on the track, it is an acquired taste, but i posted exactly what was on the car.

I'm gonna say there reflex springs with those colors
My stock car has AE springs.

Blue is still harder than silver in reflex. Haynes was playing around with the AE silver front blue rear spring combo when he came down to MRH to test.

The DCJs in the rear is a feel he likes. It makes the car really rotate in the middle of the corner out. When he came to MRH (my home track) to test, I tried it, but I didnt like the feel of it, and was faster with the standard axles in the rear.
As Mike mentioned my car may not be what your used to driving, but i have used this setup for the last few months and it has been decent on any track i have been to, small tweaks like camber link shim and swaybar are all i really change.

Event Name: 2012 International Indoor Championships
Event Location: Riviera Hotel & Casino
Event Date(s): October 1, 2012 to October 6, 2012

The International Indoor Championships (IIC), hosted by Scotty Ernst at the Riviera Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, continues as one of the premier stops on the racing calendar. The top drivers in the world converged upon the desert oasis October 1-6 to battle for bragging rights and the prestigious IIC title.

The program called for four rounds of controlled practice and some open practice time leading up to Thursday's two rounds of qualifying. Two more rounds were scheduled for Friday with a driver's single fastest round out of four used to determine a driver's main event and grid position.

The Team Associated/Reedy factory racing team was on hand to battle with the world's best and came away with some impressive results - four pole positions and four wins with three additional podium finishes.

A new addition to the IIC this year was the Spec GT class. Using standard TC chassis and tires with handout ESCs and motors, and a fixed gear ratio with realistic GT-style bodies, this class proved to be competitive and entertaining for both racers and spectators. Mike Haynes grabbed the pole position with his TC6.1 in the last qualifying round on his way to the A-Main win.

Haynes was just getting started. The Stock 17.5 TC class followed nearly the same script as the Spec GT class. Mike's Reedy-powered TC6.1 started on the pole position once again, which he converted into his second class victory of the event.

Reedy LiPo batteries and Sonic motors dominated the Super Stock 13.5 TC class with a 1-2-3 finish. Keven Hébert and Hayato Matsuzaki qualified 1-2 and fought a fierce battle in the A Main. Keven lead early until Hayato took over. Then with less than one minute remaining, Keven regained the lead and crossed the line in first place. Hayato finished in second with Mike Haynes coming from fourth on the grid to claim the third step on the podium.

The Team Associated/Reedy team was unbeatable in the 1/12 Modified class. It was obvious from the start of practice that Keven Hébert and his Reedy-powered 12R5.2 was the combination to beat. In fact, the top three qualifiers in 1/12 Modified were driving the Reedy/12R5.2 combination. Juho Levanen lined up second with Rick Hohwart starting third.

The three teammates sped away from the start and it was apparent that the race would come down to a battle between Hébert and Levanen. But Hébert's speed was impossible to match and with no mistakes, he comfortably won the main. Levanen finished a couple of seconds behind Hébert, with the third place finisher nearly two laps off the pace.

The final race of the event was the Modified TC class. Hébert and Levanen placed their Reedy-powered TC6.1 WC's second and third on the grid behind Ronald Volker. Keven was running on Volker's bumper for the duration of the main event but never had the opportunity to attempt a clean passing maneuver and had to settle for second place. Juho Levanen dropped out of the race but Mike Haynes worked his way up from the back half of the grid to finish third and stand on the podium for the fourth time.

More than a race, the IIC is a spectacle featuring the best drivers, world-class announcer Scotty Ernst, and a first-class facility. It should be a part of every RC racer's bucket list.

Products used:
Hebert 1/12 Modified
ASC600 Reedy LiPo 6500mAh 65C 3.7V
ASC952 Reedy Sonic 540 3.5
ASC4020 12R5.2 Factory Team Kit

Hebert Super Stock TC
ASC601 Reedy LiPo 6500mAh 65C 7.4V
ASC942 Reedy Sonic 540 13.5
ASC30108 TC6.1 Worlds Car

Haynes Stock TC
ASC601 Reedy LiPo 6500mAh 65C 7.4V
ASC941 Reedy Sonic 540 17.5
ASC30108 TC6.1 Worlds Car

Haynes Spec GT
ASC601 Reedy LiPo 6500mAh 65C 7.4V
ASC30108 TC6.1 Worlds Car


Mr, Hebert gave me a quick tip that I had not considered.

Tc6.1 arms.
Grind the area where the spring retainer meets the arms.
Just enough so they dont rub in all arm positions.
Also make sure your rims are not rubing, i shave the lip on the arms as well just to be safe.

For the 8th year in succession, the Riviera Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada was the site of the International Indoor Championships. The event, put on and announced by the one and only Scotty Ernst, attracted some of the top on-road drivers from around the world and featured over 350 entries in total.

Panorama of the IIC track at the Riviera

PROTOform’s Dale and Eric Epp kicked off the week by showcasing the brand new PROTOform Lexus LFA to the public for the first time at the IIC Meet & Greet. The night provided a great atmosphere for racers and vendors to interact without the pressure of competition, enhanced by an all-you-can-eat taco buffet and free beer.

After 2 days of controlled practice, on track action heated up on Thursday with 2 of the 4 rounds of qualifying, the single fastest round determining grid positions. Right out of the box, PROTOform team drivers Ronald Volker and Keven Hebert established themselves as the drivers to beat in the event’s 2 marquee classes, Touring Car Modified and 1/12th scale modified. Friday’s 2 final rounds of qualifying saw PROTOform drivers TQ in 7 different classes of racing. Josh Cyrul and Mike Dumas, two fixtures in the American on-road scene the past decade, paced World GT racing the PROTOform Sophia GT race body. The four Touring car classes were dominated by the venerable PROTOform Mazdaspeed6 race body, with 2-time defending ETS Champion Volker narrowly outpacing Hebert by 1.3 seconds to TQ the Modified class. Not to be outdone, Hebert put his PROTOform AMR-12 race body on the pole in 1/12th scale modified, and his Mazdaspeed6 in Touring Car Super Stock.

The first two A-mains on Saturday featured the World GT class. Dave Ehrlich and Josh Cyrul won from their TQ spots in 13.5 and Expert classes, both racing the Sophia GT body. In 1/12th Scale modified, Hebert and Finnish ace Juho Levanen were the class of the field. The teammates battled in and out of traffic throughout the 8-minute A-main, but Hebert proved too quick and pulled away for a 2-second victory. PROTOform team driver Paul Lemieux snatched the last podium position with a last lap pass of Cyrul.

David Zorn and Sam Nelson, both racing Mazdaspeed6‘s duked it out in a great Amateur Touring Car A-main, with Zorn besting top qualifier Nelson by just 0.6 seconds. IIC’s most popular class, Touring Car 17.5 with over 60 entries, was won by Mike Haynes (Mazdaspeed6).

The most thrilling of all the A-mains came in Touring Car Super Stock. Japanese star Hayato Matsuzaki blasted off the grid past top qualifier Hebert. The two were nose to tail for nearly the entire 5-minute main before a slight bobble by Hayato with less than 2 laps remaining allowed the Canadian to squeak past to take his 2nd trophy of the day.

With 5 countries represented in the A-Main for Touring Car Modified, the grid truly had a world-class feel. The race was vintage Volker, showing off his superb speed and driving ability. The biggest thrill the fans in attendance got during this final was when Hayato’s fan shorted out, sending his car up in a plume of smoke. Volker led from wire to wire with his Mazdaspeed6, denying Hebert a triple championship. Mike Haynes, racing in his 4th A-main of the day (2 1st place, 2 3rds) raced his way up to the last podium spot.

All in all, it was a fantastic event: competitive racing, professional organization and a great setting in Vegas. PROTOform congratulates all of the 2012 IIC winners!

To see PROTOform’s complete photo gallery of the cars, drivers and Top 10's from the event, click here.

IIC – Touring Car Modified A-Main Results
  1. Ronald Volker – TQ (GER) // PROTOform Mazdaspeed6
  2. Keven Hebert (CAN) // PROTOform Mazdaspeed6
  3. Mike Haynes (USA) // PROTOform Mazdaspeed6
  4. Mike Dumas (USA) // PROTOform Mazdaspeed6
  5. Andrew Hardman (CAN) // PROTOform Mazdaspeed6
  6. Rick Hohwart (USA) // PROTOform Mazdaspeed6
  7. Drew Ellis (USA) // PROTOform Mazdaspeed6
  8. Juho Levanen (FIN) // PROTOform Mazdaspeed6
  9. Paul Lemieux (USA) // PROTOform LTC-R
  10. Hayato Matsuzaki (JPN) // PROTOform LTC-R
IIC – 1/12th Scale On-Road Modified A-Main Results
  1. Keven Hebert – TQ (CAN) // PROTOform AMR-12
  2. Juho Levanan (FIN) // PROTOform AMR-12
  3. Paul Lemieux (USA) // PROTOform AMR-12
  4. Josh Cyrul (USA) // PROTOform AMR-12
  5. Donny Lia (USA) // PROTOform AMR-12
  6. Andrew Knapp (USA) // PROTOform AMR-12
  7. Drew Ellis (USA) // PROTOform AMR-12
  8. Walter Henderson (USA) // PROTOform AMR-12
  9. Ronald Volker (GER) // PROTOform AMR-12
  10. Rick Hohwart (USA) // PROTOform AMR-12
IIC – Touring Car Super Stock A-Main Results
  1. Keven Hebert – TQ (CAN) // PROTOform Mazdaspeed6
  2. Hayato Matsuzaki (JPN) // PROTOform LTC-R
  3. Mike Haynes (USA) // PROTOform Mazdaspeed6
  4. Andrew Knapp (USA) // PROTOform Mazdaspeed6
  5. Andrew Hardman (CAN) // PROTOform Mazdaspeed6
  6. Brad Johnson (USA) // PROTOform Mazdaspeed6
  7. Drew Ellis (USA) // PROTOform Mazdaspeed6
  8. Josh Hohnstein (USA) // PROTOform Mazdaspeed6
  9. Arthur Scrimo (USA) // PROTOform Mazdaspeed6
  10. Ray Darroch (USA) // PROTOform Mazdaspeed6
IIC – World GT Expert A-Main Results
  1. Josh Cyrul – TQ (USA) // PROTOform Sophia GT
  2. Mike Dumas (USA) // PROTOform Sophia GT
  3. Pete D’Agnolo (USA) // PROTOform Sophia GT
  4. Hupo Honigl (AUT) // PROTOform Sophia GT
  5. Brian Wynn (USA) // PROTOform Sophia GT
  6. Dave Ehrlich (USA) // PROTOform Sophia GT
  7. Brian Bodine (USA) // PROTOform Sophia GT
  8. Donny Lia (USA) // PROTOform Sophia GT
  9. Joe Nolasco (USA) // PROTOform Sophia GT
  10. Frank Calandra (USA) // PROTOform Sophia GT
IIC – World GT 13.5 A-Main Results
  1. Dave Ehrlich – TQ (USA) // PROTOform Sophia GT
  2. Mario Ficco (USA) // PROTOform Sophia GT
  3. Brian Bohlman (USA) // PROTOform Sophia GT
  4. Dave Berger (USA)
  5. Michael Hanulec (USA) // PROTOform Sophia GT
  6. Patrick Morehead (USA) // PROTOform Sophia GT
  7. Joel Vautour (USA) // PROTOform Sophia GT
  8. Brent Klingforth (USA) // PROTOform Sophia GT
  9. Joey Krysinski (USA) // PROTOform Sophia GT
  10. Mark Day (USA) // PROTOform Sophia GT
IIC – Touring Car 17.5 A-Main Results
  1. Mike Haynes – TQ (USA) // PROTOform Mazdaspeed6
  2. Craig Xavier (USA) // PROTOform LTC-R
  3. Josh Hohnstein (USA) // PROTOform Mazdaspeed6
  4. Arthur Scrimo (USA) // PROTOform Mazdaspeed6
  5. Brad Johnson (USA) // PROTOform Mazdaspeed6
  6. Austin Harrison (USA) // PROTOform LTC-R
  7. Eric Anderson (USA) // PROTOform Mazdaspeed6
  8. Blake Keulen (USA) // PROTOform Mazdaspeed6
  9. Sandro Kuriger (SUI) // PROTOform Mazdaspeed6
  10. Brian Wynn (USA) // PROTOform LTC-R
IIC – Touring Car Amateur A-Main Results
  1. David Zorn (USA) // PROTOform Mazdaspeed6
  2. Sam Nelson – TQ (USA) // PROTOform Mazdaspeed6
  3. Phillippe Gelinas (CAN) // PROTOform Mazdaspeed6
  4. Roel Espina (USA) // PROTOform LTC-R
  5. Chris Hillier (USA) // PROTOform Mazdaspeed6
  6. Michael Larcher (USA) // PROTOform LTC-R
  7. Steven Breuer (USA) // PROTOform Mazdaspeed6
  8. Ryan Cooper (USA) // PROTOform LTC-R
  9. Chris Bangle (USA) // PROTOform LTC-R
  10. Aaron Sanford (USA) // PROTOform LTC-R