- Team Associated TC6.1 - Mike Gee - Jackson RC - 30.06.2012 -

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Can you explain how you came to your droop setting? It seems like there are many different ways to check it, and I haven't found one that seems to work for me, yet.

I like to measure the travel over ride height. I set the ride height, then pick the car up to the point where the droop screws hit (the tires just start to leave the board), and measure the height there, and the difference is the travel over ride height. I like to do this, because 2mm over ride height is always 2mm over ride height. If you change arm mounts, then the # on droop blocks will change to have the same travel over ride height. I check to make sure the tires leave the ground at the same time by rocking the chassis on the board and seeing which one leaves first and adjusting (learned this from Keven )After you do this for a while, you can get a "feel" for how much droop you have without having to measure.

What kind of tool do you use to do this?? A small metric ruler?

Just use your ride height gauge. Depending on what terminology you use, droop and uptravel can be interchangeable words.


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