- Team Associated TC6.1 - Kevin Kreft - LRP-HPI Challenge - Senden - 07.10.2012 -

I had a great race day today, beeing TQ and got overall second after winning the first A-final, becoming second in the second and messing up the third one... Still the best result ever for me in this series!

Had again the chance to fight against some very good drivers (one became third in the german championship in the 17.5t class we drove today). I was able hold him behind me without problem. Just the overall winner was getting better every final while I couldn't improve my car. I worked between the races (controlling the cars if they were legal, use the right tires and so on...) and had no time doing some fine tuning.

My TC6.1 was awesome! It turned on the spot without losing the rear and had a lot of grip. It is upgraded with ReflexRacing stuff. Especially the shocks are fully tuned with pistons, black springs, o-rings and, of course, the bladders! Furthermore I used the dual cardan joints in front with the 4mm clamping hex hub adapters, the battery hold down system and the shock spacer washers.

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K. Kreft