- Team Associated TC5 - Oli - STCC - Southend - 30.03.2008 -


In case anyone is interested, heres my setup from this weekends STCC meeting at the Southend track.

Unfortunatly race day didn't go to plan - track started off very wet so for the first 2 qualifiers I used an old car and was comfortably TQ in the stock/13.5 class. Track suddenly started drying rapidly for the third round - I rushed to get the TC5 ready to run but ran out of time - hence having to revert to my "wet" car on a near-dry track and giving up after 5 laps. So I ended pole in the B dissapointingly.

Had the TC5 equipped with Novak brushless power all sorted for the finals and comfortably set lap and race times that would have meant me looking for a top-3 finish in the A. Oh well.

If you dont know the Southend track - its VERY bumpy, lots of hills and height changes, tight and twisty and obviously was fairly low grip even when dry. Heres my setup:


6mm Ride Height
2 Deg Camber
4 Deg Caster Block
1 Deg Toe In
Wheelbase - 1mm in front of wishbone
Steering Link - 1A with 2mm shim on hub
50wt Oil, Stock pistons, 50% rebound
Silver Spring
Shock Mounting - 2B
Camber Link hole 3
Arm mounts 2A/2A with 1.5deg shim on each
Droop - 6
No Roll Bar


6.5mm Ride Height
2 Deg Camber
0 Deg Hubs
2 Deg total toe in
Wheelbase - 2mm in front of wishbone
40wt Oil, Stock pistons, 50% rebound
Green Spring
Shock Mounting - 3B
Camber Link 3A
Droop - 5
Arm mounts 2A/2A with 3deg shim at rear and 1 at front

Std Chassis, ITF Topdeck with 4 O-Rings at rear. Spool in front, Alu diff rear, loosest belt settings.

Novak 13.5SS Geared at around 4.8, SMC Ener-G 4600 cells

Protoform MazdaSpeed 6 shell

STCC Corally SSB Control Tire, LRP additive for 20min


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