- Team Associated TC5 - Oli Meggitt - STCC Rd2 - Eastboune - 27.04.2008 -


The track is very tight and twisty, but also low grip. I started off pretty much with the Reedy race setup.

Played about with it during open practice and the first two qualifiers but definitely wasn't happy with it. Saw Andy Robson's car going very well. So quickly changed the setup over and the car was 100 times better. Qualifed 5th on this last run, but had a few silly mistakes, without those I should have been looking at top 3.

Unfortunately it the rained for the finals so switched to my wet car. Thanks to Andy and his dad for helping me out! Heres the setup


5mm ride height, 2 deg camber, 1 deg toe out
4 deg caster blocks, 2mm spacer in front of wishbone
1A Steering link, no washers under ball studs.
50wt oil, Losi pistons, Gold spring
Shocks 1 B, Camber link 3
Arm mounts 2A with 1.5 deg spacers f+r
Droop - 6


5.5mm ride height, 2 deg camber, 2 deg toe in (total)
0 deg hub, 1mm spacer in front of wishbone
Alu diff set medium
40wt oil, Losi pistons, Blue spring
Shocks 2 B, Camber link 5 A
Arm mounts 3A with 3.5 deg spacer rear and 1.5 front
Droop - 5

No roll bars
Protoform Mazda Speed 6 shell
Novak 13.5 geared around 5.0
Standard chassis and the ITF top deck - with the 4 o-rings on the rear holes
Wheelbase - 1mm in front of both wishbones

Corally/Take Off SSB Control tires.

Do you know which Losi pistons did you use?

Used Losi 57 pistons, very similar to AE #3