- Team Associated TC5 - Oli Meggitt - Bachley, UK - 2008 -


By the end of the weekend the car was superb. Through Qual it was good, putting the car 4th on the grid was my best result so far in the series. Continued to work on the car during the finals. First final saw a steady, solid run remaining in 4th for the whole race. Second race was a disaster, the car in front braked a whole lot earlier than I expected going into turn 1 so then it was a recovery drive from 10th, only got as high up as 8th as a few mistakes crept in. Last final and I changed the droop. Completely transformed the car and it was now spot on. Jumped into the lead going through the first complex of corners and never looked back.

Here's how the car ended up:


5.75mm ride height, 1 deg camber, 1 deg toe out
4 deg caster blocks, 2mm spacer in front of wishbone
1A Steering link, 2mm washers under ball studs.
Alu Spool
40wt oil, Losi pistons, Blue spring
Shocks 3 B, Camber link 3
Arm mounts 2A with 1 deg spacers f+r
Droop - 5


6mm ride height, 1 deg camber, 2 deg toe in (total)
0 deg hub, 1mm spacer in front of wishbone
Alu diff set 1/8 turn off tight
40wt oil, Losi pistons, Silver spring
Shocks 2 B, Camber link 3 A
Arm mounts 2A in front and 3A at back with 1 deg spacer front and 3 rear
Droop - 4

No roll bars
East Coast Accord Euro-R shell, Novak 13.5 geared around 5.1

Corally/Take Off SSB Control tires