- Team Associated TC5 - John Stranahan - Outdoor Asphalt Foam Tire Setup -



New Text: Caster 4 degrees, 0 toe
bumpsteer & Ackerman: Steering link outer, .150 shim under a long ball stud in outer hole, inner ballstud in forward hole on bellcrank.
Wheelbase middle front and back.
Camber about -1.5 degrees front and back to wear tires evenly. 1 degree on right front. This tire gets a reverse cone from the sweeper.
Blue 17 lb springs top of the shock 3rd hole in, bottom out.
6mm ride height.
35 weight oil stock piston (#3), .010 inch bevel on bottom of piston hole to improve uptravel.
Camber link inner, low outside, Camber link outer, no washer.
Lower A-arm mounts, long in the upper hole. One thick spacer to move width closer to 190 mm.
Actual Droop 2.0mm
no Kickup
Diff medium cam, holes down. I made this adjustment just to reduce wear and movement of the dogbone.


Blue 17 lb springs. Top of shock all the way out, bottom in inner hole.
Rear Ride height 6.5 mm
35 weight oil, stock piston (#3), .010 inch bevel on bottom of piston holes.
Camber link inner, middle outside, outer camber link, inner one washer on ballstud.
Lower A-arm suspension mount medium in lower hole. Thick washer +.025 inch shim in back and 1/2 degree hub to give a total 2.75 degree rear toe in.
Rear diff medium cam, holes down.
Actual Droop 2.5 mm

Gearing: LRP sphere comp TC edition, LRP X11 3.5 geared 9.0:1 I may go one tooth less on the pinion when traction comes up.

The setup is a tiny bit stiff for a loose track, but may be just right on race day. Tire wear was minimal. I did use Jack the Gripper as the track was very green.