- Team Associated TC5 - Jocha - Novak Race - 06.01. 2008 -



ride ht 4.5mm
camber -1.5
caster 6*
toe 0
hex spacing .5mm
wheel base 1mm shim in front
steering link 1A
bumpsteer 4mm
diff ball-cam b setting 1
tire jaco dbl pink 55.8mm
1/2 (13.5)to 3/4 (10.5)dope
57 losi piston
60wt oil
purple spring
full rebound
shock 2a
camber link 4
stock ballstud
arm mount 2A ff/fr
shims 3* ff/fr
droop 1.5mm
silver swaybar
hard arms & caster block


ride height 4.5
camber 2.0
toe hub 1.0, 2* overall toe (this is an aggressive setting, .5 or 0 toe at the hub mellows the car out/reduces rotation, when overall toe is the same)
hex spacing 0
wheelbase full long
diff ball cam a setting 8
tire Jaco dbl pink 55.8 full dope
Losi 56
30 wt oil
full rebound
gold spring
shock 3A
camber link 5B (I like this a lot as the car is a bit easier to drive. 5A would be very twitchy on hi bite)
black ballstud w/2mm spacer
arm mount 1b fr/rr
shim 2*fr/3*rr
droop 1.5mm
no roll bar
hard arms

I was a couple changes away that made the car better for me.
Foremost was the steering link at 2B. 1A was hard for me to hold on to(very reactive), and I felt like i wanted a bit more overall steering. The 2 position on the bellcrank mellows the car out, and B tends to have a bit more steering all the way thru the turn.

I also went one hole in on the rear shock tower, which made the car rotate a bit more. My car seemed to touch the chassis edges a lot at the rear (even before I moved the shock), so i ran the black sway bar at the rear to help this. The other guys' cars didn't seem to be touching. That may have been my shock building coming into play.