- Team Associated TC5 - Brandon Melton - IIC - Las Vegas - 30/09/2007 -

Stock setup


50wt oil, #2 piston
Gold spring
5.25 mm ride height
7mm droop (on gauge)
3rd hole out on tower, out on arm
6 deg caster
1mm of shim behind hinge pin mounts F and R
2A postion for mounts
1A ackerman
2mm wheelbase shim in rear, 1mm in front of arm
#3 camber link position
-1.5 deg camber
one way


40 wt, #2
blue spring
5.5 mm ride height
6mm droop using gauge
3rd hole out on tower, inside hole on arm
2mm toe @ bulkheat, .5 deg outboard toe
2A position for mounts
3A camber link with 1 mm shim underneath ball stud
2mm shim at rear of arm, 1mm in front of arm for wheelbase
-2 deg camber

Bodyshell: Mazda 6

Tires: Jaco

ITF top and bottom. Was using O rings at first on top deck but took them out as it had a hint of push. After removing the orings and getting the chassis to where it felt balanced to my liking, I controlled steering with amount of sauce, which was really noticable. If I sauced 3/4 it had little push, if I sauced whole Front tire it would tip and roll, so it was a fine line.