- Team Associated RC10R5.1 - Adrian Martinez - Minnreg - 16.01.2013 -

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I had a 10R5.1 racers ask me about some of the parts I am using on my car. I figure you all should get the info.

WGT Front Springs:
- AE .018
- AE .020

The AE .018s are the standard spring, great steering, car will roll, good for flowing layouts. AE .020s keeps the car flatter, slightly less steering, good for chicanes and fast transitions. May need stiffer center spring to get more turn in.

Side Springs (softest to hardest):
- Speed Merchant .018" - Linear
- AE Black (3.75#)/CRC Blue (Soft) - Progressive
- Speed Merchant .020" - Linear
- AE Green (4.38#)/CRC White (Med) - Progressive
- Speed Merchant .022" - Linear
- AE Silver (5.00#)/CRC Red (Firm) - Progressive

Beyond these springs the harder ones are for odd/special applications like a floating pod where the springs are set up not touching/1mm above the links. I ran the kit springs in practice at my first race but the car was awful and I pulled it off after a few laps. I AE Blacks or SM .018" Linears were the best and have been on ever since.
On high grip carpet stiff side springs can cause lifting of inside rear. Soft springs can smooth out the car and increasing mid corner rotation. On low grip carpet stiff side springs (to a point) can increase side traction and steering.

Tube lube:
- SpeedMerchant Green Tube Spooge 10-15K Damper tubes 90% of the time
- SpeedMerchant Red Tube Spooge 20-25K Damper tubes 10%, King Pin 10% of the time
- SpeedMerchant Blue Tube Spooge 30K King Pins 90% of the time

You can use normal 1/8th diff oils in the ranges and get the same effect. I have not used CRC greases so I do not know how they relate. I run light damper lube most of the time. Medium damper lube can improve transitions left to right. Too heavy a lube can reduce rear traction or cause odd handling issues.

Center springs:
- CRC - Blue 6#
- CRC - White 7#
- AE - Silver 8#
- CRC - Red 8#
- CRC - Green 9#
- AE - Blue 10#
- CRC - Purple 10#
- CRC - Black 11#
- AE - Gold 12#
- AE - Red 14#

Across all brands of cars setups do not vary by much. Most WGT's use 8-12# springs on carpet.

Softer center springs in combination with soft front springs make the car mellower and improve rear rotation.

Stiffer front springs need a stiffer rear center spring to balance the car and regain lost turn in.

Different tracks need different setups. see the two attached setups. Minnreg is a big, med grip track with fast transitions. FL Indoor R/C is a small flowing high grip track.

The softer FL Indoor setup is slow at Minnreg. It turns and rolls too much in the chicanes.

The stiffer Minnreg setup feels awesome at FL Indoor but just can't match the faster lap times of the softer setup.