P.Y.Tang's TITC Open Brushless Class winning ORCA-powered ARC R10 2015 includes the followings equipment an optionals:

ORCA Infinite Ultra HV 7500mAh 100C LiPo
Xpert PI-3401 LV Brushless Servo
Titan HV Motor Cooling Fan 40x40
Titan 12AWG Black Wires
Titan Ultra Series 64DP Aluminum Pinion
Titan Titanium Screws
Titan Body Post Adjuster
Blitz Carbon Wing Support
Blitz 1/10 EP High Downforce Wing
ARC Titanium Shock Shafts
ARC Aluminum Ball Ends
ARC Low Friction Belt Front and Rear 3mm
ARC Low Friction Pulley Set
ARC Aluminum Rear Drive Shaft
ARC Aluminum 18mm Bell Crank
ARC Chassis Stiffener
ARC Hard Front and Rear Lower Arms
ARC Hard C-Hub
ARC Hard Steering Block
ARC Hard Rear Upright
ARC Belt Tensioner
ARC Aluminum Turnbuckles
ARC Low Friction Ball Joints
ARC Low Friction Anti-Roll Bar Joints
ARC Low Friction Steering Rod Ball Joints
ARC Bumper Towers
ARC CNC Spur 64DP 111T
Fuxion No-Stik Lube
Dubidesign Airbrush Painted Bodyshell
Elangears Cronus Power Supply 40A
Elangears ElanR Charger
DryFluid RC Cars Lubricant