Here is the setup I've been promising. I ran this setup at Reedy, just with 5k in the rear for the higher grip and higher speed track. My car was EXCELLENT on Sunday at Camarillo with this exact setup. I was able to TQ and win, running 31 laps each round, the only one to do so all day, and also had FL by 0.5... car was AWESOME. I don't claim to be an on-road setup master, but my car has had speed and is easy to drive. Not a bad place to start and worth a try I believe.

Jon: What does running the split lower pivot accomplish?
Frank: More flex

Jon: and the difference of split 2 split 1
Frank: The higher the number, the wider it is. 2.5 FF pivot with 2.0 split give you .5 deg of arm sweep, where 2.5 FF with 1.0 split would be 1.5 deg of arm sweep and would be super aggressive.

If you ran a 1.5 FF and a 1.0 split, then you'd have the correct .5 deg of arm sweep, but the car would just be 1mm narrower each side. More roll and a little less stable from my experience.


f. Root